A Hypermarket store specializes in the retailing of food, and sometimes a few non-food items. Hypermarket & Department stores often carry different types of food from assorted places and cultures. Extremaa software provides all the features and functionality necessary to run a Hypermarket store point of sale system. Inventory tracking and advanced inventory reporting helps to identify the fast moving items. stock levels can be set for each item in the store to ensure proper inventory levels are maintained and items are not over-ordered or over stocked.
Easily create frequent buyer programs or gift cards to help keep customers returning. Easily compare “live-time” data from several store locations to identify sales trends or area for improvement. BCS provides retailers the tools and functionality to run their business with less effort and more profit.

Features of Hyper market software

  • Sales Management.

  • Purchase Management.

  • Re-Order Management.

  • Inventory Management.

  • Customer Management.

  • Loyalty & Promotions.

  • Store Operations.

  • Business Analytics.

  • Financial Accounting.

  • Swap Machine Integration.